In a 5 to 7 page double spaced paper, address the following prompt.

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In a 5 to 7 page double spaced paper, please address the following prompt. The paper is to be written using APA Format.
A lot has been said about the formation of political views. Drawing upon the readings assigned in your textbook, as well as our class lectures, and at least five other sources, please write an essay explaining the concept of political socialization and the extent of its impact on the formation of public opinion. Be sure to name, as well as explain, each of the factors involved, so as to demonstrate your understanding of the concept. Lastly, what factors around you do you think have helped to shape your political views and attitudes – be sure to give specific examples
(references can not over 9,My friends post the same paper with me, the same description, so plz find different writers. I have post some lecture notes ,you can find sources in there.)

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