In 2010, the UK government established the Behavioural Insights Team. Their purpose is to apply the behavioural sciences to improve public services, government policy and the choices individuals make. Your task is to write a paper for the Behavioural Insi

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The essay must be 5 pages, 1400-1500 word , double spaced, arial , font 12 , i will be subit it online so there is turnitin, i hope similarity will be low. And i got lectures that will help you .The essay must be evidence based using JOURNALS mainly for example lecturer stated that you can take gambling for example in lectures 3 part 1 part 2 and find evidence how people think, how to change peoples behavior or regulate behaviours by making evidence recommendations. It is better to use gambling she said instead of focusing many thing only focus 1 thing and make spesific recommendation. Recommendation may be to stop people gambling and everything must be evidence based from journals with full referenced APA STYLE referenceing.

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