Imprisonment or Treatment for Mental ill Patients

The attached file is the original document that my instructor didn’t really like and didn’t get the whole concept of the argument. She had a lot of comments on the essay. She told me to base the argument on the topic shown above. I just wanted to change the whole concept of the first essay, but still kind of related. I also attached a couple files that are related to the argument topic.

The actual argumentative essay instructions:

The Writing Task:
You will write an essay making an argument. Be prepared to shift or narrow your focus during the writing process.Your essay should support a clear claim with distinct reasons, and support those reasons with evidence from your research and observations.

The stakes will be raised in this assignment, and you will be asking more from your readers. You are seeking to affect them more strongly. you want them to consider changing their thinking on a significant issue. Thus, you will need to find an aspect of your topic that is significant enough to argue in this way, but narrow enough for the length of your paper. Write for an academic audience—use a moderately formal style and cite your sources in MLA style.

You will adopt a new role in writing this essay: you will be an advocate. your purpose will be to stake a position on an issue. your argument essay needs to grow out of a belief that a choice must be made, a situation should be changed, or a mistake should be corrected. By stating a claim and providing evidence to support it, advocates help readers understand options for addressing an issue…they help participants in the conversation weigh alternatives.

I’m sure this is enough of information for the essay. It shouldn’t be too formal and should be readily interesting and understanding to the academic audience.
NOTE: The order should be ready by May 12, 2016. I put May 17th because it was the closest date.

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