Immigration in the US

Write an argumentative policy based paper to analyze the situation of immigration in the US from both the 11 million illegals in the country and refugees trying to come in the country. Analysis is key. Take a Conservative/ Republican approach just don’t advocate building a wall. Answer the question of a path to citizenship- we need stringent immigration policies to keep the US elite but also we want to allow people to come into the country just legally. Offer a proposed solution to the immigration dilemma. Sources should be credible news sources or academic journals. Excessive direct quotes are bad but some testimony from authority figures on the topic may be helpful. Information regarding policies or US legislation on the matter are also key. Lastly, mention the history of the immigration dilemma and things we don’t want to repeat like putting Japanese people in concentration camps. I am uploading a draft from a paper I ordered from another writer. Please revise it and add additional relevant information. We want to focus on information and legislation post 1965 in America the Reagan Administration, the Bush Administration etc. Focus ONLY on contemporary issues in immigration. Take a FIRM STANCE on immigration from a Republican standpoint. Do NOT focus on any pre-histroic information on immigration this is a contemporary. Please feel free to delete irrelevant information from the paper and add good information from quality academic sources like journals or other professional preferably peer reviewed sources. There cannot be excessive spaces in between paragraphs. The paper is long enough we are looking for good relevant information. You can delete what you need and add what is good. Also try to grammar check the paper please.

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