Immigration Controls, Asylumseekers, Refugees

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Media Commentary Portfolio
You are asked to choose one topic from either:
Week 5: (Immigration Controls, Asylum seekers, Refugees);
Week 9: (Managing Diversity: Multiculturalism, Assimilation, Social Cohesion), or
Week 12: (Racism, Everyday Racism, Antiracism)
Students are required to research quality news and opinion sources (Australian
and international) and compile a portfolio of reporting and opinion commentary
on the topic. The portfolio must include at least three (and no more than five)
pieces. You are asked to provide a 500 word reflection on these materials.
The aim of the exercise is to learn where to seek out informed news reporting
and opinion commentary on important social issues. Sources should include
quality news sources and QUALITY opinion pieces published in newspapers,
blogs, or magazines covering social issues.
Your reflection should include things like:
What did you learn about the issue? What was compelling in the article?
Perhaps something new or a new take on it? Or reinforced what you
already knew.
What made the piece a particularly good or bad piece of journalism? What
made it informative?
General reflection from you having read a spectrum of Opinion and
reporting on this topic?
Your submission should include a mix of reporting and opinion.
Following your reflection you must include a full reference with title, source, and
link to the source. If you have print edition, please provide an online version, or a
scan of the story.
These are to be submitted in Week 8 on Monday 2nd May by 5pm.
A list potential sources is provided below as a guide to get you started. Please do
your own research though.

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