Imagine that you are directing a live adaptation of a myth or fairy tale (of your choosing) and that you are now in the process of casting it.

a) Explain why you have chosen a particular story for production. Keep in mind questions and ideas raised on the discussion board throughout the semester. MAKE SURE TO ADDRESS THE FOLLOWING:

-Why did you choose a particular myth or fairy tale?

-How would you update or change the story to make it interesting and appealing to a contemporary audience.

-How would you draw in audiences when they could just watch a film at home for less money (think about design elements that would elevate the live experience)

-How do you see each character? What character traits are important?

b) Think about actors that you are familiar with (film or theatre). If you had no financial limits, how would your cast your production? Think about our discussion board involving the actor. FOR EACH CASTING DECISION YOU MAKE EXPLAIN:

-In what sorts of roles have these actors previously been cast?

-What do you see as their strengths and weaknesses as a performer?

– Would you be casting them to type or doing something new and different?

-What sort of celebrity status do these people have and does that play into your decision?

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