Hybrid Cars

Order Description
My paper will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of hybrid vehicles including environmental, economic and safety. Please address the three sections below in the paper:

1) Problem identification: Clearly indicate the issue you’re discussing and the influence their problem has on land,
air, water resources, plant life, animal life, and human societies. Discuss the long-term effects this problem will
continue to create without a comprehensive solution. The problem can be of local, national, or global scope.

2) Solutions currently implemented: Discuss how the issue has been addressed historically. Determine the courses of
action taken in science, technology, political and economic systems, laws and regulations, community-based
initiatives, education, and so forth. Review the successes and limitations of these actions.

3) Recommendations: Explain the actions that you believe need to be developed and implemented. Discuss your
solution from multiple perspectives, such as educational, legislative, scientific, technological, economic, and other
points of view.

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