Human Resourse Management.

Employee Training and Talent Management”

  • Go to the Chief Learning Officer Media websites to read the article titled “Let HR Set the Table” by Dave DeFilippo located at: and “Assessing the Chief Learning Officer Role” by Ruth Kustoff located at Select and explain two strategies Chief Learning Officers (CLOs) can use to add value to the HR departments of their organization. Provide rationale for your reasoning.
  • Imagine that the CEO of your company (past, present, or future) has asked you to explain the importance of adding more funding to the organization’s talent management program. You have two (2) minutes of her time to convince her that your ideas would add value. Briefly outline the key points to your strategy.


Reading Assignments

You are required to find and review an article related to topics covered in class. It is
recommended that you search in magazines, newspapers, technical journals, internet, etc. You must write a 1-2 page typed synopsis of a selected article on the desired topic. You must include the article with your reading assignment in order to receive credit. Reading assignments will be graded on clarity, grammar, and content.
topic : PM for Infrastructure Projects

These are important in that they contribute to 10% of your overall grade in the course. The topic and submission schedule are listed in the following table:

TopicDue DateEthics in Construction/EngineeringPM for Infrastructure ProjectsLean-Six Sigma ConstructionConflict ResolutionPM for Commercial Projects

Professional Work

To receive credit for your work, it is imperative the work be organized, readable, and
professional (part of your grade will be based on presentation of your work).

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