How does the decline in the likelihood of inter-state war in recent decades affect foreign policy-making? Discuss with reference to at least two great powers.

Order Description
CONTENT: The essay will include:
1. A clearly stated argument that answers the question and is developed through supporting points/arguments;
?2. Evidence of good grasp of IR theories and concepts, demonstrated by accurate use of relevant terminology; and
3. Evidence of good grasp of the relevant historical periods, demonstrated by referring to key events and phenomena.
STRUCTURE: The essay will have:
1. A clear introduction in which the topic is introduced and the core argument as well
as supporting arguments/points are stated;
2. A main body section in which supporting arguments/points are developed through conceptual and empirical analysis; and
3. A conclusion that summarises the main findings and expands on the main implications of the analysis.
FORMAT: The essay will use:
1. Separate paragraphs (5-8 paragraphs would be ideal);
2. Sensible fonts and font size; and
3. Reasonable margins.

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