How can problem solving skills be used to increase math achievement in elementary students?

Order Description
Write an action research paper on how implementing problem solving skills can be used to improve math achievement in 2nd grade students.

**ABSTRACT (1 page ONLY)**
Identify the need/problem
Write a brief description of the target groups (at least two target groups)
Identify the project goal(s)
Include at least one sentence about the objectives
Include at least one sentence about methods that were used
Include a description of the outcomes of the project (the results)

What was happening that needed to be changed? Why?
Who was involved? Who would benefit from intervention? How extensive was the problem?
Describe the setting and the population from which the participants will be selected or recruited
Provide specific information about the two target groups. This information establishes the baseline for the objectives in the Methods section.
The need or problem must be supported by data (e.g., national, regional, state, county, and/or school/agency statistics)

There is an introductory paragraph which links the need, the research, and the strategies and methods that were used during the implementation.
The original goal(s) and objectives from the proposal are listed, along with any modifications that were required to them, with the rationale for changing them, if this occurred.
The Implementation Matrix from the proposal is in an appendix and referred to in Chapter III
Implementation of the project is described, week by week.
Samples of instructional materials created for this project and/or work samples are included in an appendix (or appendices), where appropriate
There is a description of any changes that were made to the original Implementation Plan, including reasons for the changes/additions.
___The chapter is written in the past tense and reports what was done during the implementation phase, without speculation as to why things did or did not go as planned each week.

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