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You do not need to use outside source. 1 full page, double spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font, one inch margins. Begin by summarizing your chosen topic, use the Ethical Subjectivism Theory to explained your position on the topic, describe possible objections to your position, and respond to these objections. Be sure not to misrepresent opposing views and try to remain logical throughout. It is more important to show your thought process with a degree of objectivity than to try to win the argument.
Ethical subjectivism- the view that our moral opinions are based on our feelings and nothing more.
Ethical subjectivism is a meta- ethical theory. Does not tell us how we ought to live, Does not tell us what specific actions are right or wrong.
Simple Subjectivism
x is morally acceptable
x is right
x is wrong
All these statements= I (speaker) approve x.

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