HESS law


remember, this section is an account of what you actually did in the laboratory, written in paragraph format in the 3rd person past tense ! – no data or calculations in this section DO NOT COPY the lab manual


all data is contained on the lab computer printout – attach it in the proper location within the report


Show ALL the calculations for all 3 reactions…clearly identify all EQUATIONS used with proper LABELS and UNITS…plug in the data and show the answer for each again with proper units and significant figures.

also show equation and calculation of % difference (extra copy of handout under the [course documents] tab on the left


State results for ?H and % difference, compare to expected & comment on agreement with Hess’ Law. Discuss sources of experimental error…also see last paragraph on p. 39 of the manual “For the report…” put this information in the discussion also.

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