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Rewrite any of the following sentences that contain language that can be simplified without interferring with the meaning or effectiveness of the sentence.


a) You are required to pay the fine.

b) The period of time you have to render assistance is three months

c)  For the duration of construction, it shall be unlawful for a person to enter or to attempt entry.

d)  If you are able to enter into a contract with him for the materials, the oral commitment is still binding on you.

e)  She consulted with a Lawyer with respect to possible litigation.

f)   She accepted the appointment due to the fact that she was qualified.

g)  It is green in color.

h)  Ask the witness questions about the bills.

i)   Judge Jones is currently on bench.


Rewrite any of the following sentences the use the passive voice.  If you need to add any facts to the sentences to identify the doer of the action, you may make them up.

a) As the semester came to a close, the students prepared for their exams.

b) Examinations are not enjoyed.

c) No drugs were prescribed after the operation.

d) It has been determined that your license should be revoked.

e) Consideration is being given this matter by the attorney.

f) It is believed by district officials that the expense is legal.

g) The fracture was discovered by the plaintiffs in 1998.


Rewrite any of the following sentences that are too long.

a) The board can, within sixty days of the receipt of a certification from the secretary, take action to return ownership of property to persons or corporations certified as owners from whom the property was acquired by expropriation or by purchase under threat of expropriation.

b) A short time later, as George approached the intersection of Woodruff and Fuller, someone in the middle of the street started shouting, but George kept driving when he heard about fifteen shots that sounded like different guns firing, one of which hit his Pontiac, damaging the front windshield and dashboard.

c) By way of illustration, presidential candidate Ross Perot and the basketball player Michael Jordan arguably may have achieved such pervasive fame as to have become public figures for all purposes, while Dr. Jack Kevorkian may have voluntarily placed himself into the public controversy over euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide so as to have become a public figure for a limited range of issues.


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