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My task is the diabetes in India.

Critically evaluate a behaviour change strategy or broader public policy that is intended to reduce the health burden associated with one or more non communicable disease health risk(s) or threat(s) in a low or low-middle income setting of your choice.
Use a report format. You may wish to use the following or similar headings
‘Introduction and background’ – to include why you have chosen this country or setting, the nature and extent of the issue(s), explain why this presents a risk to the health of the population and the policy or strategy you will evaluate.
‘exploration of the evidence base’ – review of the literature around what works elsewhere to reduce these health risks, linking this to global policy, theory and models of health promotion and behaviour change
‘evaluation of chosen policy or strategy’ – use the evidence to critically evaluate your chosen policy or strategy and review how it is working in this low or middle income setting, including risk communication
‘conclusions and reflections’ Anything interesting and what have you learned?
You need to find an appropriate health promotion strategy or policy linked to non-communicable disease threat(s) in a named low or middle income country or setting (eg tobacco control policy, national nutrition policy). There needs to be enough information available about the policy or strategy in the setting you choose to enable you to prepare your report, so don’t choose something or somewhere that is too obscure.
To critically evaluate you need to examine what the literature and evidence says about how this issue should be tackled and then compare the strategy or policy with that. You may find that the majority of evidence available is from a high income country. In that case you need to critically evaluate the applicability of that evidence to this situation. You need to discuss the extent to which this policy or strategy is evidence based? Are systems, processes or procedures in place to be able to monitor and evaluate this policy or strategy? Has any formal (or informal) evaluation taken place already?
Any reflections on this evaluation?

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