Health History Assignment Description

Assignment Description: Interview your first Digital Standardized Patient, Tina Jones, document her comprehensive health history, and complete post-exam activities. Students spend, on average, two and a half hours on this assignment.


Phase 1-Planning (Due by WEEK 4):

Phase 1 is the planning stage of a research project; students are to prepare a 4-5 page paper identifying a specific topic that you would like to investigates and relates to transitional nursing. You will provide a brief introduction to the situation by utilizing published nursing research articles to support your statement. This paper will also include

1- Introduction to the Problem

2- Clearly Identify the Problem

3- Significance of the problem to Nursing

4- Purpose of the research

5- Research questions

6- Master’s Essentials that aligned with your topic

How would you compare and contrast the three levels of health promotion?________________________________________________________________________________________________

How would you compare and contrast the three levels of health promotion?


I am going to ask the class to share various articles on research (topics include: quantitative research, qualitative research, literature review, experimental research design). Please upload it to the discussion board (There are no formal discussions noted for this week – Just upload an article on the topics mention to share with your class). Just let us know what the article is about. This will help your colleagues gain an understanding of our process as we go into Phase One of our research course.


Long term care facility in Florida

Contact the office manager and set up an appointment to interview either him/her or the physician.

How long have you been in business?

What degree(s) do you need to operate your business?

What are the type(s) of clients you serve?

What regulations/license(s) are you governed under?

How do you ensure the completeness, timeliness, and accuracy of records?

Are you bound by HIPAA rules/regulations? If not, how do you maintain security and confidentiality of the patient/client health record?

Do you have an electronic health record? if yes- what is the name of system? If not, what type of filing system do you have for patient/client health records?

What does the role of a health information management/medical record professional look like at the organization?

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