: Group Reflective Essay

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Our group project was how the face of advertising change over the course of 1900-2000 for tobacoo, I was personally assigned 1900-1925 with 25 years being seprated between each of the four group memebers.

Attached will be our group project if you need to look it over.
No sources are needed.

Write an individual meta-analysis memo discussing how this group project went for you. Discuss
your role in the group and what you did to help this project reach completion. Also, discuss the
roles of the other members of your group and how well, in your estimation, they did with their
assigned/accepted duties. If a member obviously worked hard and did a good job, then this is the
place to acknowledge their contribution. If a group member was a “slacker” and, say, failed to
make meetings and/or contribute quality work, then note that in this analysis as well. This analysis
should take the form of a memo to me and be between 300-500 words.

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