Government spending on transport

Discuss the role of transportation in Canadian economic activity.

Complete a research project that involves some aspect of the role of transport in economic activity in Canada. Data for the project are available from Transport Canada “Transportation in Canada: Addendum,” various issues at their website:

The suggested method of analysis is descriptive statistics. This involves analysis of data that helps to describe, show or summarize data in a meaningful way such that patterns might emerge from the data. Descriptive statistics allow us to summarize our group of data using a combination of tabulated description (i.e., tables), graphical description (i.e., graphs and charts), and statistical commentary (i.e., a discussion of the results). Students may use the general types of statistics that are used to describe data:

1) Measures of central tendency – mode, median and mean;
2) Growth rates (percentage changes) of relevant variables over time; and
3) Measures of spread – range, quartiles, absolute deviation, variance and standard deviation;

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