Global Peace and Conflict Study

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Hi the assignment is based on literature reivew , so I sumbited and I got message Good choice ot research question. However, while the discussion shows a reasonable grasp of the concept of ‘just war’ it is not well focused on the question – the question refers to sides in the war, whereas the discussion focuses on the justice of external intervention, so this needs to be corrected for the I changed the question and ask professor about the question and then he said I think the first question is better, but if you’re having trouble fitting your answer into the word limit, then yes, you should change it. “Justice” might be difficult to define in the context of this war and I think you’d have a hard time making any case in favour of justice, so it would make it a bit of a false question, plus you’ll have to deal with all the disparate motives and interventions of Russia, Turkey, Iran and the West, as well as ISIS and Hizballah.

Maybe it might be best to focus on Western intervention in the conflict? Eg, “Has Western intervention had a positive or negative impact in the Syrian Civil War?”
So I will upload the example of essay and my literature review and changed topic essay. So can you check both of essay and choose the question between literature reivew question and question that professor recommend? After that Can you add the essay with my essay that I wrote the essay about question? I mean you have to choose one of essay that I write and add the pharagraph . Then maybe I can get full essay about the question topic

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