Gidget Responses

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Your paper should be typed/word processed, proofread and free from typographical, spelling, and grammar errors. Typical length will be about 3 pages; strive for quality of writing and depth of thought. This is not a research paper, but if you cite a source, simply say in in the text. For example, “According to Blumenberg in Introduction to Film…” Thus, a formal citation page or bibliography is not necessary. It is more important to analyze the film Gidget, which will be posted on my website. Except for the section on your personal reaction to the film, you must write in the third person. I suggest you watch the film several times prior to writing. Paper is due at the start of class on 4.27.16, but may be turned in any time prior. No folders, binders or the like. A simple title page with your name, date, class will suffice; staple the paper in the upper left hand corner. No electronic submissions and no late work will be accepted. If you have questions, ask in class or email me.

First, summarize the story or plot of Gidget and include the names of the main characters.
Use italics when using the name of your film and be sure to include the year it was released,
the director’s name, and the studio or production company in this section.

Second, write brief personal reaction to the film. Here is where you can write in the first person and tell me what you liked or disliked about the film like we have done in class before our analyses. Justify your responses with specific examples and do not write in generic phrases.

Third, analyze and write about the subtext/ideology of your film. This is the most important of the three sections.

Ideology: A system of meanings, beliefs, and values that can be abstracted as the world view of an entire culture, a specific class, or any other group that shares a consistent definitive consciousness or outlook. Ideology is characterized by its invisibility: beliefs that go without saying, that present themselves as natural, true and universal. All film and television programs are ideological – they are asking us to take a position on something.

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