gangs and organized crime in NYC

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After visiting the Museum of the American Gangster, the book Queens Reigns Supreme, the films we watched in class, and through the PowerPoint presentations and in-class lectures, you should now have a thorough understanding of the history of gangs and organized crime in NYC.
Your assignment will be to pick a NYC gangster, gang land figure, or gang, and write a five (5) page paper on how they impacted the social, political, and criminal justice landscape in NYC.
In this paper, I would like you to explore the impact they had on NYC. Was it positive? Was it Negative? Please also describe the circumstances that led this group or individual to come to power. For example, you may want to explore: what were the unique characteristics of the time and place that led to their success in New York City’s criminal underworld? Compare this gang/gangster to other contemporaries or gangs of different eras in NYC’s history.
I ask you to please be creative and think outside the box. I want you all to pick your topic for this paper because it speaks to you personally, so please do some research.Here is a list of the films/shows we have watched in class (since the midterm):

Rubble Kings
Gangland: Frank Lucas & Nicky Barnes

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