Freedom of Speech

Around the globe, speech rights and practices are subject to different laws, cultural norms, and values that change how

their citizens speak their minds, publish their thoughts, or even sing a pop song. For example, in the United States, the First Amendment in
the Bill of Rights guarantees freedom of speech.

In this Worksheet, you will compare and contrast the speech rights, practices, and

cultural values oftwo nations by analyzing them in relation to either an international news story or the work of a musician and/or


You will download only one ofthe Worksheets listed, 3a or 3b-the one that reflects your choice of either international news

story or the work of a musician or an artist.

Review the textbook chapters for this week and the articles in the Resources.

Download the applicable Week 3 Worksheet found in the Resources. You will complete either Worksheet 3a or Worksheet 3b depending on your
chosen topi

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