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For this assignment you will need to refer to

Keep a log and keep track of the different topics that are brought up. Note how long a topic, or
thread, is discussed, as well as what threads seem to generate uptake (or a response from other
list members) and what topics do not. There may be other items that you might want to keep track
of as well. Throughout the course we will discuss how your observations are going. Keep in mind
that the members on these lists are often very busy and may not appreciate “newbie” questions or
naive comments, so if you do choose to take part in the conversation, wait until you have a feel for
the list and then enter the conversation with some discretion.
4. On the last day of class you must provide me with a short memo describing the conversations that
took place on your list. Discuss what topics seemed to most interest the list members. Were there
disagreements among list members? What was the general tone of the list—friendly/hostile?

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