Finding a Research Question

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For my Extened Essay in English B (Group 2) I am still on the search for an excellent research question. Could you please make a list of possible research questions. My supervisor does not like if the reaserch question has to do anything with movies or books. He also doesnt like that I do my essay about the literature section.
These are the official IB requirements for the Reaserch Question.
The research topic can often be best defined in the form of a question. It may, however, also be presented as a
statement or proposition for discussion. It must:
•be specific and sharply focused
•be stated clearly early on in the essay
•fit in one of the categories (language, culture and society, or literature), or be a combination of these.
If the topic does not meet the requirements of one of the three possible categories (for example, if an essay of a general cultural nature is not based on specific cultural artifacts), a maximum of level1 is awarded.

Some examples of good research question:
To what extent has Bill 101 contributed to increasing the prevalence of the French language in Quebec? (For French B) or To what extent does the language used by groups of young students from a secondary school in Buenos Aires reflect racial discrimination? ( for Spanish B)
These are research question from Spanish B and French B. I will need to have a question in English B. The research question needs to be about a cultural artifact (of the american culture) and a specific culture (the american culture) like in the examples given.

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