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the final report is a finished report arising from the proposal that you submitted. The type of final report/research report you turn in will depend on the type of “project” you’ve been working on over the last six weeks. But a final report may take other forms. For example, it may be a recommendation report, a long, expanded proposal for an evolved project, a detailed progress report for a phase of a major on-going project, or a finished research report. Other types of report are discussed in Modules 23 and 24 in the textbook. Your report will describe the project for your supervisor and evaluate its effect or impact. As with your earlier proposal assignment, you are free to “embroider” on the facts or “make up” aspects of the project, as long as you are persuasive and maintain credibility. By now, everyone is familiar with his/her “project” and its reports.

This report should include, comparison/contrast, problem/solution, elimination of alternatives, functional, scope,
-talk about saving money
-anything else you can add
BE specific! be credibility!
the book I’m using is business caimmuication 6 edition, by kitty o locker and Stephen kyo kaczmarek.

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