Exploratory Research of Marketing Research

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Task overview: Exploratory Research – Based on the research proposal of Campus Bikes Rental (I provided), you will then conduct exploratory research using qualitative methods such as in-depth interviews or focus groups to gain initial understanding of the research problem and thus develop a survey questionnaire for collecting quantitative data in the next stage of research project.

Your Task: You ONLY DO Discussion/implication – Summarize how the research has enhanced your understanding of the research problem. Are there any interesting and/or unexpected findings? Discuss their implications for your next stage of research (such as the key variables and hypotheses to be investigated and questionnaire development), and addressing the overall research problem and research objectives. Briefly discuss the limitations of your exploratory research.

This task must be about Campus Bikes Rental. Also, your whole content must related to Research Proposal and Questionnaire (I provided) only. DO NOT just do broad and general discussion.

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