Evaluating Safe Working Conditions

Evaluating Safe Working Conditions

Directions: Read each scenario and answer the following questions.

1.    Workplace Violence

Sam is a security officer for ABC Corporation in the Phoenix area. He is always stationed at the security desk in the main lobby to greet employees and visitors. One

day he observed an employee from the finance department muttering something under his breath and acting strangely as he walked by the security desk. He noticed this

same behavior the following day. On the third day, there was a shooting in the finance department. The director of finance and her administrative assistant were shot

and killed by the employee exhibiting strange behavior; the employee committed suicide prior to the arrival of the police.

What should Sam have done prior to the incident? Should the security officer have notified anyone about the employee’s strange behavior? What company policies do you

think should be in place regarding situations similar to this? Explain your answer.

2.    Sexual Harassment

Harriet is a new security officer working in the Foxwoods Mall. She has been working in this capacity for the past three months. She patrols the mall on the 3 – 11

p.m. shift and watches out for the safety of the patrons. Ralph, a 40-year-old divorced male, is her supervisor. Ralph has been working mall security for five years

and expects a promotion in a few months. Ralph has approached Harriet on several occasions in the security break room. At one point, he complimented her figure. On

another occasion, he asked her what she was doing after work. Harriet feels this is unwanted contact between the supervisor and herself.

What should Harriet do? Do you think these contacts constitute sexual harassment? What policies and procedures should this company have in place regarding this type of

situation? Explain your answer.

3.    Drug Use and Abuse

James is a five year supervisory security officer with World Wide Security Network, which provides contract security for a large automotive plant in the metropolitan

area. Their motto is “Safety is our business.” Due to his experience, James believes a subordinate but seasoned security officer is exhibiting signs of drug use. The

security officer has increased absenteeism, often seems tired and unfocused, and his work does not meet minimum security standards for the company. James has spoken to

his subordinate on several occasions but his performance has not improved. World Wide Security Network does not currently test its employees for drug use.

James believes his security officer is abusing drugs. Do you think his suspicions are reasonable under the circumstances? What should James do? Do you think drug

testing, especially of security personnel, should be required? Explain your answer.


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