As the 2017 Global Grand Challenges Summit, Dr. Rikky Muller talks about “Miniaturized and Minimally Invasive Interfaces to the Brain.”

Watch the video of her talk (21:12 – 45:15):

Write a 300-word response to the ethics of creating and marketing her device.  Answer the following questions:

  • What positives do you see from her work?
  • What are the potential negatives from her work?
  • What are the ethical issues that could arise from this work?
  • What is your opinion about this project?



One question that perplexes both religious and non-religious people is the problem of evil, or how a just god (or God) can permit evil in this world. Discuss some recent issues or events that have raised this question and consider why they are particularly troubling.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is defined as a “company-wide business strategy designed to optimize profitability, revenue, and customer satisfaction by focusing on precisely defined customer groups.”

For this assignment, you will develop a CRM program for your chosen business/company (from Module 2 assignment). Follow the steps below to complete this assignment:

  • Use the building blocks presented in Chapter 14 and exhibit 14.2 as your guides to develop your program.
  • Present your CRM program in an essay format following APA guidelines.
  • Include the following items in your essay:
    • Describe your own interpretation of Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    • List and describe the essential elements of a good CRM program


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