Ethics, Law, and the Good Samaritan

If you are witness to a medical emergency, should you offer assistance?
To prepare for this Discussion, research the Good Samaritan Law for the state of Maryland. Find another jurisdiction with a different Good Samaritan Law. Consider how the two are divergent.

By Thursday October 20, 2016, post a 400 word comprehensive response to the following:

• What are the fundamental elements of the Good Samaritan Laws for the two jurisdictions you researched?

• How do they differ from one another? Be specific and provide examples?

• Do you think the law is clear and well written? Support your stance with examples.

• Are there any changes that you would like to see made to the law? What are those changes?

Share your reaction to Merce Cunningham’s dance Second Hand (link to the YouTube clip below; 3.23 minutes) in one paragraph.  Make sure that you understand the explanations about Cunningham’s pieces as “existential expression” (Fiero, p. 447), i.e. you need to read your textbook closely and seek more information online!  Avoid hasty negative judgments, and instead open your mind to understanding the choreography and performance

1) Using the internet, determine if your state (TENNESSEE) has a criminal injuries compensation fund. If they do not, use a surrounding state. In no less than 500 words give an overview of the program – include funding sources, eligibility requirements, qualifying crimes, qualifying expenses and any other pertinent information. 400words
2) Even though many possible sources of reimbursement exist – court ordered restitution, private insurance coverage, state compensation funds – why do so many victims still fail to receive any repayment of their losses and expenses? 200words


3) Imagine you were assigned to construct a program that would place burglars and robbers in jobs that pay a living wage so they could repay their victims. Describe any objections that you think would be raised against such a program – from the community, the victim and victim’s family, the convicted criminal. 300words

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