Ethics in the Professions/CPA Certified Public Accountant

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paper needs to be 2500 words 8 pages or so and should be a double spaced word-processed document with 12 pts. font size and 1″ margins, including footnotes and bibliography.
Please write about the Study of a specific profession’s (CPA CERTIFIED PUBILIC ACCOUNTANT) the ethics and code of conduct involved as an expression or embodiment of that profession’s distinctive role in society. As you prepare to write this research paper of this nature might consider exploring questions such as the following: Must members of this profession obtain a license from the state in order to practice it? Why or why not? Do members of the profession have special access to power that non-members do not have? If so, what are the implications of that status? Does the profession’s code of conduct impose special constraints on the conduct of members as a result of the special nature of the profession, the powers that its members exercise, and its function in society? Do members of the profession undertake an obligation to society or some segment of society as well as to the clients who engage their services? If so, what should members do when those respective obligations come into conflict? How should the conflicts be resolved? Does the profession’s code of conduct speak to such issues?

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