Essay David Walker’s Appeal and Ida B. Wells’ Southern Horrors

In this research paper, draw connections between a contemporary work and its precursor or antecedent. The thesis of the essay should be based on the literary paradigm signifyin’ monkey constructed by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Explore the nature of the literary model, particularly in light of the historical need for black literary aesthetics, and evaluate the relationship between a pair listed below as defined by the paradigm. The essay should be eight to ten (8-10) pages in length and should include five (5) secondary critical/literary sources. One of the five should be Gates’ “The Blackness of Blackness” article listed above. The other sources might discuss such subjects as the following: the black art aesthetic, selected writers and their craft, art & politics, and genre-specific material. Make sure the sources cited in the essay follow MLA Style Documentation.

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