Final Project Business Presentation/Rocket Pitch

This PowerPoint pitch will pull together the research, planning, and writing you have done for the new enterprise you have conceived during weeks 4-7. Your audience is a group of potential investors. Your goal is to convince them, by the end of your presentation, to invest in your company.

  • The PowerPoint must WOW the audience in 8-10 slides (including the title and reference slides).
  • Your presentation should include a company description and history, mission statement, your products/services, industry data, your customer description, a competitor analysis, financials relevant to an investor and assumptions, and future plans include growth projections.
  • Your pitch should be 10-15 minutes long.
  • You can record your presentation using Screencastomatic (www.screencastomatic.com) and upload your presentation as an MP4

Please dress professionally or use the voiceover only function (showing only the PowerPoint).

You can instead use the voiceover option in Microsoft PowerPoint. Please see instructions on how to do this here.

  • You should include APA cited references for all data, with a minimum of five references.
  • Upload all relevant presentation files.
  • Keep the following tips in mind:

This is not an essay.

Think of the audience – this is a presentation!

Use short, punchy bullets.

Use graphics related to text.

Include citations in the notes pages.

Use an attractive template.


You are graded on both the PowerPoint itself and the verbal presentation.

If you have trouble uploading your MP4 file, you can use Google Drive. Here is a tutorial on how to use it: Google

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