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In this discussion, we explore research interests for Essay 3, the most important essay of our Spring 2016 English 102. With any luck, we can also exchange ideas about possible resources for the additional materials required for the assignment.

Begin by describing what has caught your interest, including a possible topic for further inquiry, and proceed by sharing two to three real research questions by 23:55 Wednesday, April 27. You can also post an outline if you are further along. And if you have already made progress with your research and have found some promising sources about some of the authors featured in Session 4, please share these resources as well.

A day or two later, but no later than 23:55 Friday, April 29, take a look at the proposed questions of two of your colleagues and give them an honest evaluation: Are the proposed questions real research questions? Are they questions that can only be answered by getting and synthesizing from additional materials? Though you should be respectful, feel free to tell your colleague if you think the questions won’t work, are too canned, or won’t lead to any real research. Just try to explain what’s wrong or unclear, as writers often need specific feedback to be able to improve their work.
What are good research questions? Good research questions have the following features:

1) They are real questions—that is, they are questions you cannot answer with your current knowledge;

2) They are limited in scope—that is, they apply to a limited time period, a specific group, a specific place;

3) They address issues and processes that you can observe;

4) Once you answer them, they help add to everyone’s background knowledge and overall understanding.

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