This week’s reading covers the steps needed to protect systems, applications and data from typical attacks.  Answer the following questions and then discuss with your classmates:

Why is it important for aplication builders to check data received from unknown sources, such as web applications, prior to using the data?  What could happen if they don’t, and what would the recourse be?

Why is it important for web admins that run systems allowing users to add content (such as blogs, forums, etc) carefully and consistently patch their systems?  Give an example of an attack that could be used against an unpatched or vulnerable system, and explain what could be done by a successful attack.

Why are logs important?  Discuss the importance of monitoring logs on a regular basis.  If you’ve ever come across an attack on a system at your job in the past, explain to the class what was discovered, and how the attack either succeeded or was thwarted

Business and Finance

Please answer question in a minimum of 1000 words of content (Introduction, Body, Conclusion) with the integration of at least 5 scholarly/peer reviewed cited sources according to APA standards. Work is due tomorrow on 09/09/18 at 1043 hours (10:43am eastern time zone).

Explain how will a doctorate in Strategic Leadership fit with your personalized career goals.

***Ttile page, Abstract, Content, and reference pages need to be formatted in APA format.

Human Resource Management

Employee Empowerment is a trend in HR management. This can range from giving employees responsibility and authority to make decisions on all things from product development to customer service. It can also extend to innovation as employees share ideas for satisfying customers and operating more efficiently and safely.

Think of a situation in which an employee might act on the concept of being empowered and respond:

What conditions are optimal to encourage an employee to step outside the traditional roles?

What is an example of an action an employee might take to demonstrate empowerment?

What obstacles exist that would prevent an employee from realizing the sense of empowerment?

How can an organization promote innovation and idea-sharing to improve products, processes, or services?



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