Employee Voice SLP 2

Begin by viewing the video below:

Salesman Gets New Comp Plan. (http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2orig1)

You are an HR Manager in the same organization as this sales employee and his manager. Right after the employee left his manager’s office, he came straight to you, upset with what occurred. He does not want to lose his job. You see the issue as a communications issue between a boss and his employee and you promise the employee that you would see what you could do.

Prepare a plan of action where you address:

–What you will do next.

–What, if anything, you will do in regard to the supervisor’s behavior.

–Discuss what seems to be lacking in the employee voice area and what HRM policies and procedures are needed to ensure a similar situation does not happen again in your company.
You do not need to address the sales plan and what changes are needed there. Instead, look at this as an “employee voice” issue.

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