: Effects of employees’ satisfaction and commitment.

Topic: Effects of employees’ satisfaction and commitment.

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The purpose of this task is to take a critical look at the literature that already exists in an area of interest to you. A literature review includes a critical analysis and evaluation of the existing literature and combines the literature from different journals and other sources that you have read. It demonstrates the relevance of the existing research and your knowledge of the topic area. Literature can include books, journal articles, newspapers, magazines, theses and dissertations, conference proceedings, reports, and documentaries.

In the literature review, you need to include a discussion about the accepted facts in the area, the main constructs and variables that are important and the relationship between them. This will also include suggestions for further research in the area. In other words, it is much like the journal articles that you have read – except that it is more up to date and more comprehensive.

Use 10-15 journal articles and other sources to write a 2,000 word literature review about your chosen topic. The majority of these journals should be post 2006, and come from peer reviewed and other sources that imply a check of quality.

First, you need to develop a list of the topics that need to be addressed in the literature review, based on the gaps in the knowledge that you have found from your readings. Then make a review of the findings
based on your readings.

You need to demonstrate that you can think critically and reflectively; show an understanding of the important literature in the topic area, taking local and international perspectives into account, locate,
organise, analyse, synthesise and evaluate information; demonstrate effective communication in oral and written English language, and utilise information technologies effectively.

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