Economics issues

4 short essay questions

1-Using the Rule of 70, dertermine how long it will take $1,000,000 to double at 5% inetrest, annually.

2-In one of our class lectures we discussed the redistribution of wealth and several different types of economic equality.
Please summarize these types of equality, and comment on each one by decsribing how you you feel about each type.
3-Revisit your History of Money Essay. In this essay you wrote 5 bullet points on using money as a medium of exchange, and the histiry of money as legal tender.
For this exam question, choose 2 of the 5 bullet points and elaborate further with three new details for each point.
1. Bullet point 1: a.
2. Bullet point 2: a.
4-In Keynesian economic theory, C + I +G = Economic Output.
What are the three components of this theory? What percentage of the equation is C? What percentage of the equation is I and G?

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