1. These are essay questions. Each question should have a minimum of three solid paragraphs. Anything shorter will likely not provide a solid response. You must use in-text citations and references that are cited properly. You may use your text, but if that is the only source, you can earn nothing higher than a ā€œCā€ on the question. You are expected to use peer-reviewed academic articles to support your answers
  2. Discuss a social structure (macro) theory (such as social disorganization, culture transmission, anomie, or strain) to understand behavior. How can we use it today to help prevent or deter criminal or delinquent behavior?
  3. Discuss a social process (micro) theory (such as differential association, social learning, or social bonding) and how it may help to understand behavior. How can we use it today to help prevent deterring criminal or delinquent behavior?
  4. Scenario: Earl and Randy are brothers and attend the same junior high school. Earl is in ninth grade, and Randy is in the eighth grade. They walk home from school and usually stop at the local convenience store. One day they stop and having no money, they each steal a candy bar and soda. They are caught by the clerk, who calls the police, and they are arrested. After being processed at the police station, they are sent home with their parents. Three months later, Earl has put the event behind him, while Randy continued to steal things.

    Instructions: Please explain the situation from the perspective of labeling. Outline how labeling theory may explain this scenario, including why Earl stopped stealing and Randy did not.

  5. Select a conflict theory from the text or lecture that explains crime. Why did you select this conflict theory? How does it explain crime?
  6. Scenario: An area of your city is experiencing car burglaries, reported by residents when they prepare to leave for work in the morning. They involve the theft of change, iPods, and other items left in the cars. Some involve a broken driver or passenger window glass, and some have no damage, as the doors were unlocked. These burglaries happen in an area of one square mile, which contains several apartment complexes and single residence neighborhoods.
  7. Please explain the situation, using routine activities theory (RAT). Once you explain the factors associated with RAT, outline a plan consistent with the RAT principles that will likely reduce this crime issue. Why should this reduce auto burglaries?
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