Discussion question and paper

Start by reading and following these instructions:

1. Quickly skim the questions or assignment below and the assignment rubric to help you focus.

2. Read the required chapter(s) of the textbook and any additional recommended resources. Some answers may require you to do additional research on the Internet or in other reference sources.

After completing this module, you will be able to do the following:

· Summarize the personal, historical, educational trajectories of each theorist that influenced the development of each model of nursing.

· Compare and contrast the paradigmatic origins and core principles of each model/theory

· Describe the impact that each theorist had on the development of nursing knowledge.

· Discuss the relevance of the basic principles proposed by these theorists to the current practice of nursing.

· Compare and contrast the theoretical perspectives of each theory and identify commonalities and differences among the theories.

· Assess the application of each theoretical model to nursing research, practice, education and administration


This module presents theories that view persons (families, groups, communities) as integrated wholes or integrated systems interacting with the larger environmental system. The health or well-being of the person is influenced by environmental factors. The theories and theorists discussed in this module are Imogene King (Theory of Goal Attainment) and Martha Rogers’ Science of Unitary Human Beings.

 Learning Materials

· Smith, M. C., & Parker, M. E. (2015). Nursing theories and nursing practice (4th ed.).  Philadelphia, PA: F.A. Davis. Chapters 9 & 14



Consider what was happening in Nursing in the late 1970s and early 1980s with the change from diploma program to associate degree program. Martha Rogers, a major theorist of this time, believed that nursing is a separate and essential discipline and unique field of study. She works hard to establish nursing in higher education.

Explain the importance of this shift and how it Impact nursing as a profession (think about the changes that took place because of this change – what did this do to the outlook and practice of nursing)

Part 2


This week you will be writing an APA paper to include a title page, level headings, and a reference page

This paper should include 2 outside references and the textbook for a total of 3 references .This paper should be 1250 to 1500 words in length.

1. Discuss and explain Imogene King’s Conceptual System Theory.

1. First explain the 3 systems and provide examples of each system

2. Explain how the systems influence goal attainment

Answer these

3. How could King’s theory help define a clinical quality problem?  (A quality problem is any issue that impacts patient safety and health care. Ex. Patient discharge delays, avoidable medical error, communication breakdowns- there are several issue to choose from)

4. Apply this theory to a potential practice quality improvement initiative within your clinical practice. (Dialysis care)

5. How could a quality committee align outcomes with King’s Conceptual System Theory? ( How would they use the theory to help them with outcomes to improve care)

6. What additional nursing theory from our readings could also align with an improved quality of practice initiative?( Explain reasoning for choice)

This paper should include 2 outside references and the textbook for a total of 3 references.This paper should be 1250 to 1500 words in length.

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