Discuss the ethical issues arising from the methods and results reported in Grizzard et al.’s (2014) study of immoral behaviour in video games from deontological and utilitarian perspectives.

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The essential reading that must read for the topic:
Grizzard, M., Tamborini, R., Lewis, R.J., Wang, L. & Prabhu, S. (2014). Being bad in a video game can make us morally sensitive. Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking, 17, 499-504

And please use some of the background readings of:
British Psychological Society (2011). Code of Human Research Ethics. Leicester: BPS. Hillner, K. (2000) Metaphysics: Contentual ethical issues. In K. Hillner (Ed) A Psychological Approach to Ethical Reality. Advances in Psychology, 132, 121-157. Israel, M. & Hay, I. (2006) Research Ethics for Social Scientists. London: Sage.

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