Discuss and evaluate the role and challenges of communication between the Pre-Hospital and in-Hospital care settings

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Assignment Brief:
1. Introduction (300 words max)
• What is Communication?
• Importance of effective communication in enhancing patient safety
• Highlight evidence on poor communication
• Linkage to HCPC and ethical principles
• What will this assignment achieve?
2. Challenges to communication in both the Pre and in Hospital care settings (500 words max)
• Identify a range of challenges
• Why do they have such an impact specifically within these settings
• How may they be addressed
• Linkage to models of communication theory where possible
• Linkage to HCPC and ethical principles where possible

3. Utilise a scenario of your choice from clinical paramedic practice to demonstrate where poor inter-disciplinary communication has impacted on patient care (1000-1500 words max)
• Introduce the scenario (briefly-a full description may be added as an appendix)
• Identify the errors and discuss the impact of these with reference to literature, theoretical models and human factors
• Evaluate the communication within this scenario, how it may be improved and if this experience has influenced your practice
• Consider latest innovations in healthcare communications

4. Conclusion (300 words max)
• What has this assignment achieved
• Highlight the main points
• How has it influenced your future practice
• Conclusion must be referenced- do not introduce any new evidence, utilise evidence already cited in main body of work

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