Database Backup and Modification

Database Backup and Modification
Website icon Database Backup and Modification Scoring Guide.
Part 1
Use the mysqldump command line tool to backup the data in your database.

To access the mysqldump tool, start the mysql client command line tool.
Use the quit command to exit to the system command prompt.
Run mysqldump and direct the output of the backup to an appropriately named file on the U: drive (mapped to the My Files folder). Data saved to other locations will be lost!
Use the File Transfer button on the top side of the Toolwire desktop window to download the backup file for submission with your assignment.
Create a new database and restore the database from the backup to the new database. Submit a screen shot to document the restoration of the data to a new database.
Part 2
Create tables for your volunteer database to hold the street address, phone number, and email address for each volunteer. Insert the relevant data for the volunteers in these tables. Modify the Person table to remove the columns for the data moved to separate tables.

Part 3
In a brief (2–3 page) paper, discuss why the tables created above for addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses are a better way to organize the data than having them in the Person database. Describe the structure of the tables that you added and how these tables are related to the Person table.

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