Daddy and Papa Video Reflection

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A documentary exploring the personal, cultural and political impact of gay men who are making a decision that is at once traditional and revolutionary: to raise children themselves. Taking us inside four gay male families, “Daddy & Papa” traces the critical issues that inevitably intersect with their lives. As fathers, these men must take on numerous challengers: from conservatives to the gay community.
Reflect on the film and prepare a 2-3 page analysis based on the following:

1. In the film, Johnny Symons says, “As we swapped daycare and car seat stories
with the other dads…were we mimicking straight people, trying to prove
that we could be good parents, too? Or was this just the life of a parent, gay
or straight, doing our best for our kids?” What experiences do gay parents
share with other parents? What experiences are unique?

2. For the children in the film, what seems to be different about growing up as
the child of gay parents? How does it affect their everyday lives? How will it
affect them as they grow older? What do you think they will be like when
they grow up? If you grew up with heterosexual parents, how would things
have been different for you growing up as the child of gay parents? Would
you be different? How?
3. In 1988, the Child Welfare League of America issued its Standards for
Adoption Service, stating, “Gay/lesbian adoptive applicants should be
assessed the same as any other adoptive applicant. It should be recognized
that sexual orientation and the capacity to nurture a child are separate
issues.” Do you agree or disagree? What parts of the film support or do not
support this idea?

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