customer service department (CSD)

The new customer service department (CSD) was formed to work in a matrix support structure. The senior management has decided that to support the international growth, the CSD must also

expand internationally. The senior managers now must make decisions on what actions will be required in moving from a national to a cross-national enterprise. The senior management team has

asked you to provide them with a presentation that addresses this move. The PowerPoint presentation should be 7?10 slides with 200?250 words of speaker notes for each slide. In your

presentation, you should cover the following:

?What areas will require special considerations when moving to an international team structure?
?What are the cultural considerations for this move?
?What will the impact be on the organization?s personnel?
?What will the impact be on the matrix team structure?
?What are the organizational behavior impacts of this move?
?What actions should be taken to support this move?
?How will ethics play a part in this move?
?Prioritize the actions, and provide reasons and logic for the prioritization.

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