Cultural Anthropology Paper Instructions

Since the Tower of Babel, people have been naturally suspicious of others who are different from themselves. Language, in fact, continues to be a critical element of culture. For this assignment, you will choose a geographic cultural group from a selection of offerings. In the preparation of the paper, assume it is to be presented to the Liberty Health Mission Board considering funding a health initiative to the chosen cultural group. The board consists of highly educated health professionals but needs solid background information on the culture before committing funds. You will research the chosen culture and identify culturally related health barriers and risks.

In other words, identify and evaluate culturally determined limitations, beliefs and practices which 1) hinder the group from adapting better health practices or which 2) actually create a risk to the health of the population. Your goal is to help the board understand the culture. The written paper must be 7 pages in length and include a minimum of 5 scholarly resources. All information must be properly cited using current AMA style.

In addition, the board has limited time to evaluate your information and has requested a ¾ –1-page bulleted talking paper which must be attached as an appendix to the document. The talking paper will give the board a tool for rapid comparison to other cultural groups under consideration for funding.

Watch and write a 350-word essay

  1. What is this film about?
  2. How is the Bard Prison Initiative a response to the structural racism and classism we’ve learned about so far in class?
  3. How does this film relate to AND DIFFER FROM other films/articles/issues we’ve been discussing?
  4.  How do you feel about learning the information presented in the film?
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