Critique #1


  1. Write your evaluation in the Word document provided (Critique 1 answer sheet).  You can insert the cursor after each question, and type in your answers.  Use full sentences, with paragraph breaks, to describe each point.  Double space all writing; number pages.
  2. Provide rationales for your decisions (citing sources). For example, if you write that the theory framework is strong, describe how it is strong with at least one citation (Author, year) to a theory book, research book, or article.
  3. List all sources at the end of the answer sheet, following APA format for a reference list.  Remember to cite the article you are evaluating at least once in the text, and put it in the reference list as well.
  4. Remember to type your NAME at the top of the answer sheet to get credit for it!

Critique #1 Content:

Authors, Title, and Abstract

  1. Discuss author(s) qualifications to conduct the study, including educational preparation and clinical experience of author[s].
  2. Discuss the clarity of the article title (type of study, variables, and population stated).
  3. Discuss the quality of the abstract (purpose, design, sample, intervention, and key results presented). (10 pts)

Literature Review/Background

  1. Briefly describe the clinical problem that prompted the study.  This is not the research question, but the clinical issue that needed investigation.
  2. Discuss the data provided for the significance of the clinical problem, and whether or not you believe it is an important problem for nursing science.
  3. Identify the major topics discussed in the background section and evaluate whether there were any missing ideas or topics.
  4. Briefly explain whether the background section included sources current at the time of the study (ie. within 5 years of publication).
  5. Discuss whether the studies were critically evaluated and synthesized to provide a clear summary of the current knowledge about the problem of interest.
  6. Evaluate whether or not the background section provided support for the current research study. In other words, whether a gap(s) in research knowledge was/were clearly described.  (20 pts)

Research Problem, Purpose, Research Questions/Hypotheses

  1. State the study purpose and evaluate whether or not the purpose clearly addresses the gap in nursing knowledge identified in the background section.
  2. If there are research questions and/or hypotheses, list them, and discuss whether they logically follow from the research problem and purpose. If questions/hypotheses were only implied, rather than explicitly stated, describe that. (10 pts)

Theoretical Framework

  1. Describe the theory/framework that supported the study, and list the important concepts in the theory framework.
  2. Evaluate the clarity of the presentation of the framework. If it was vague or had missing elements, describe those.
  3. Discuss how well the theory’s concepts were linked to the study variables.  (10 pts)

Writing Style & Format

  1. Grammar: full sentences, precision, clarity, spelling, and punctuation.
  2. Use APA format throughout this paper, specifically citations and a reference list. (10 pts)
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