Critically discuss the uses and limits of CSR. Include in your discussion some illustrations of who, or what, may gain benefits or be at risk through adoption of CSR strategies.

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Corporate Social Responsibility
The Learning Outcomes of this essay are intended to be your gaining of in-depth knowledge of at least one important topic in Corporate Social Responsibility debates. You will demonstrate a grasp of the key theoretical elements and arguments, and be able to critically discuss and evaluate their contribution to understanding markets and society.

Essays will be marked on:
1) demonstration of analytic understanding of topic through the discussion of core concepts and assumptions, theoretical constructs, extant literature;
2) quality of development of reasoned and effective discussion through ability to construct coherent argument, assess strengths and weaknesses, utilise relevant examples and or literature;
3) extent of depth and breadth of understanding of organizational theory and analysis through effective discussion of a range of theoretical components, knowledge of key arguments, contextualisation of the chosen theoretical approach within broader theoretical and social contexts.

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