Critically discuss the identified best practice strategies you would implement to reduce the risk of CVC related infection post insertion in high acuity clinical setting

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The following is a more detailed instruction of what my uni wanted for this assessment:

“Multiple lumen central venous catheters (CVCs) are widely used in high acuity settings, not only for measurement of central venous pressure monitoring (CVPs) but also for administration of intravenous fluid and medications. Although CVCs enable the administration of life supporting medications and therapies, the presence of these catheters place patients at risk of catheterrelated blood stream infections or central line associated bacteraemia (CLAB) which can be fatal. Critically discuss the identified ”

This assessment is to be presented in essay format. The essay must show evidence of critical analysis, synthesis and evaluation of relevant research literature. Only research articles are to be used for your identification of best practice. That is, unit protocols or guidelines, textbooks and other secondary sources do NOT qualify as suitable reference material for uncovering the evidence base for best practice. PubMed, The Cumulative Index of Nursing and Allied Health literature (CINAHL) and Medline are useful sources to locate the research evidence for this essay.

This subject of mine is called ‘high acuity nursing’ therefore, please make sure to focus on best practice strategies to reduce the risk of CVC related infection post insertion with in the high acuity setting.

And because my uni is VERY strict with plagiarism, please make sure there is none.

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