Genetically Modified Food

Read pages 407—417, in Writing Arguments, “Genetically Modified Food” by Arthur Caplan, “The Threats from Genetically Modified Food” by Robin Mather, & “Wrong-Headed Victory” Michael Le Page. Remember to read for ideas, not facts.

Caplan, Mather, and Le Page offer differing viewpoints of the same Issue. Adding your own thoughts, (being careful to support your thinking and not to assume that your experience is typical) into the discussion, utilize what you have learned from Caplan, Mather, and Le Page about the topic. This is not an autobiographical essay nor is it a research essay on GMOs It is an opportunity to discuss the ideas in the assigned readings!

You are encouraged to use your own insights, analysis, or perspective but only after demonstrating a thorough knowledge of the assigned articles. Indeed, if your approach is entirely descriptive in nature (for example, you just reiterate what the articles say), you probably will not receive an “A.” The length of your paper will depend upon the context you select, the amount of previous research, and so forth. I’ll be reading the papers, not weighing them, to determine grades. That said, It is hard for me to imagine that you could even begin to cover this topic in less than 750 words. To ensure a good grade you will want to write more!

Your writing should display your thinking ability; the ability to understand theories, grasp complex concepts, discover interrelationships, and generate your own insights. Naturally, you should proofread your paper for grammatical and syntactical errors. You should pay proper homage to published authors by citing their works whenever you refer to their words, ideas, or data. Your paper should conform to A.P.A. guidelines. Do you remember how to properly cite and refer to a chapter or selection from an edited book? I hope so! If not, don’t expect a good grade.

Although the content is going to be primary, organization, spelling, and grammar are also important. Ensure that they are all under your control before you hand in anything. In other words, I expect you to do College Level writing. You should use this as an opportunity to show off your ability to think clearly, precisely, and logically, & completely, as well as write elegantly!

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