CPG Week #13

For this order I want to write about these 1 chapter and Collier, Correlation and Regression
Trochim http://www.socialresearchmethods.net/kb
Table of Contents > Analysis > read Data Preparation and Descriptive Statistics sections.
, and please write for each one separately. Do not combine them into one answer. This should be written for each chapter individually. For example:

The main purpose of Ch 5 is…
The main purpose of Collier is…
The main purpose of Trochim link is…

And so on. fulfilling the remaining points like this.

I will include a template, and the template has 5 questions:

And I included 3 articles to be read and written about.

So For each question there should be 4 points for the3 chapters, like the example for the main purpose I have written above.

Please do not write them combined into one answer.

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