Country: Nigeria

Your country has been involved in UNFCCC and Kyoto. This project requires you to unpack how your country has participated in these negotiations since the start of the UNFCCC.

Discusstwo major instances of your country’s involvement that illustrate your country’s political platform on climate change(please create a numbered list)(20 points). These are the watershed moments that are part of the history of how your country has engaged in the UNFCCC and Kyoto. Examples include COPs that it hosted, agreements it has made, dissents and withdrawals to various treaties and agreements, or solutions put forward that your country has taken leadership on. Other examples may include participation CDM, REDD+, JI and other international programs. Full credit will be given that demonstrate these facts fluently with regard to how UNFCCC and Kyoto are work based on the class content. It is critical that your discussion of your country’s politics represents your expertise in the history and recent developments in UNFCCC/Kyoto. You must endeavor to create an overall narrative of why your country has engaged in politics in the ways that it has and continues to do so (20 points). There should also be clear connections to your discussion in these statements with the previous statements that laid out the history (10 points). That is, the audience should get a good picture of how your country’s past and contributions to anthropogenic climate change is related to its more recent politics.

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